Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The world we engage in and a bit of Italy

Listening to "A bit of wind" by the Fruit Bats

Well here I am, still unknowing about this site, and definatly should be studying for my Bible 300 class, on a little book called, Eyes Wide Open. If anyone has ever read that book i would enjoy some feedback... I was talking to my friend susan wilderman last night about the test coming up today. We talked about how we had a bias about the book before we even started to read it. Maybe it was the poor artwork on the cover or the "classic" youth ministry book. I am still unsure of this bias and where it came from. And probably got more out of the book that i would like to admit. However, we talked about this line that one draws between engaging in society or warding the evils that come along with this culture. To me the book is lacking in this truth of being grounded. I would never give the book away for someone to read unless i know that they are diserning and find their worth in themselves. The book can be an excuse for one to engage and enjoy the pleasures of this world and slowly but surely i believe we can become consumed to the point where we look back and wonder how we ever got to were we are.

Along this line, i was sitting in our lovely brigadoon studying for this lovely test and caught myself watching the tv a little as i was listening to my music. I saw images of heavier set people in some reality tv show (the one's that have overcome our television screens). They were competing between some other group and had to work out, even to the point where one lady was sent to the hospital in tears. They want to lose weight obvisously--and that is what the program is set up for, but I have this thought... They lose weight to find their identity and the show is helping them do that, but shouldn't they find their identity first before they lose their weight? This bothered me extremely... for there was one scene where they are a personal trainer helping the heavier set people, she was skinny and wearing next to nothing--it was a visual of how one "should" be, SKINNY and PRETTY. A visual slap in the face i believe for those trying to lose weight. THis is why reality tv drives me almost insane. Our world has it all backwards.

On that thought i am going to be gone, off to Italy. A little nervous about stepping out into the unknown. But wonderfully blessed by the opportunity. I have waited for so long to be over there, and here is my chance. Challenges are good and i am glad i am willing to step out into them. So Italian soil here i come...

Friday, November 12, 2004

These Random Thoughts

Guess i will just tell of these thoughts for they are snarling as they beat on these walls that contain their very being-my very being. They spit and they rattle as they do somersaults causing dizziness. Swirling with each agitation. The thoughts of peace, tranquility, frustration, irritation. Guess they fight with each other. They are opposites trapped in the darkness. I will just tell of these thoughts as they randomly disquiet my very soul. The ideas may be hard to clasp...hard to hold for they are fiesty and only these typings could merely do justice on bringing them to life. Guess thoughts must be placed somewhere. These four walls would collapse under such pressure...

First is First

I have no clue what i am doing, so this process is very slow...any sugestions or ideas on how to get pictures and what not on this thing, just let me know....