Monday, July 09, 2007

Off I Go

Items still need homes, boxes need to be emptied, clothes need to be put into the goodwill: all the reactions to moving from one place to another. I think there is more mental upheaval than anything else.

I made a list of items today that I am going to put in my red duffel bag and shove in my black day pack. These clothes, shoes, books, etc will be in tight living spaces as I travel to Seattle in a day or two. I'm finally going to the west coast to a city that is one of many that I hope to visit one day! I believe I'm more excited though to spend the time with my brother and take walks around the city. Some of the few plans we have thus far is : 1. Going to the wharf and watching them toss fish 2. Seeing Patty Griffin play in concert at the zoo 3. Going to Mount Rainier or Olympic National Park 4. Driving to Portland to see the coast 5. Eating cheap food 6. Maybe seeing Damien Jurado play at a local bar 6. the rest is up to chance!

I'm nervous to fly on my own, to get a bus, get on a Greyhound, be an adult. But I'm excited to be in a new place and experience the city that I hear over and over again "Al you will love Seattle!"