Monday, January 24, 2005

This would be a good conversation over a cup of coffee (oh well)

My good friend Keith addresses a very good point about beaver falls, the comments are good food for thought. He is basically talking about a place for Geneva College students to go. Besides driving to Starbucks for a good 20min.. Are not coffee shops suppost to be a local place to sit and relax and unwind, or perchance study...a good place to WALK to??


SO I realized how boring my site was, and possibly this is why I have told few people about it. I can't figure out the whole picture deal or any of that, so I stick to the old way of things. Possibly my posts will not remain dull. I hope to not be ignorant of them.

However, I planned on typing my whole wide range of thoughts or hopefully poems over break, yet my break was so wonderfully filled with conversation that I rarely got online, let alone a blog site.

I believe on of the most drastic revelations over this break was two things. First one was prayer, and the complete absence that comes with that word. But I realize the importance more, but most importantly what stems from that is this question? WHY DON'T WE PRAY (or should I say, Why don't I pray as I should?) My answer for myself and my second thought is PRIDE. I don't know if this is just something that I am learning and all of you have already overcome. But I see pride as a huge issue. Why do I think that I can get throughout my day without talking to God? What make me so sure that I can take care of myself? For surely this air coming in and out of my lungs can cease at any given moment. Not to be so horribly morbid here, but it's true.

I believe it was conversations with my brother about humility that got this thought process rolling. But "God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble." what does this mean. Not to think lowly of yourself, but to see ourselves in the eyes that He sees us out of...To work through His grace. We deserve nothing, yet He constitanty gives us everything. Quite amazing.

I guess the best parts of my break were sitting in Eatin Park till four in the morning with old friend and the car ride with my brother, who is a man I greatly admire. Learning happens in odd ways, and yet those are significantly beautiful

(sorry about the spelling errors)