Monday, June 25, 2007

These Tiny Rooms

I'm packing up all my belongings. Little by little this place is no longer home. It was almost a year ago that I found this tiny apartment, almost a year ago that I entered this town and started my life in a brand new place. Looking back I remember the days upon days that I wept uncontrollably. I remember being alone in this apartment, afraid, and adjusting to everything new. I look back and laugh cause I remember the moments where I danced, wrestled with scripture, talked out loud to myself and God, and sat upon my roof with cups of tea.

It is strange to hear me say that I am going to miss this little place; where the ceiling is seven feet high and the stove is two feet wide. It is sad to leave this place because I feel that it knows my struggles and joys. I know that the new house will prove to be a challenge, a blessing, a struggle, and a wonderful change. It will know my struggles and joy and thankfully so will another human being. I can talk to someone else and not just the walls around me. This will be good and yet I still and must morn all the things I wish I would have done here: sit on the roof more often and walk up the hill behind my house to see the sun set a bit more.

Goodbye tiny apartment with it's tiny rooms and small wall compartments that I loved. Goodbye and thank you for treating me so well over the course of a very hard year.

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joeldaniel said...

it was a beautifully tiny place. it always felt welcoming, though perhaps that's the fault of the host as much as the space. i think you said it well here...the balance of good and not as good.